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Koryfo S22-47!

Koryfo is a lifestyle concept brand based in Corfu, Greece.

Lightweight, effortlessly luxurious, Koryfo is inspired by the unique architecture of Corfu, the Ionian breeze and the golden Greek sun – the quintessence of the slow – paced island living.

Traditional elements are reflected on eclectic, fashion-forward pieces that redefine art and fashion. Discover exceptional resort wear pieces and a selection of unique items inspired by the beauty of the Ionian culture.

Koryfo collections are limited edition to preserve originality and are exclusively made in Greece using high quality organic fabrics fused with contemporary details that reflect the sophisticated, Corfiot aura offering you a chance to own a little piece of this magical island.


Mariana Kastrinos

Born in Paris with Corfiot roots, Marianna Kastrinos is the person that inspired the Koryfo Concept. Years of experience in the fashion and haute couture industry – mainly in the creation of premium wedding dresses, provided Marianna with the technical expertise and an eye for the unique.

Marianna’s love for the arts and architecture and her passion about her heritage nestled the idea of Koryfo with the vision to introduce Corfu to the world of fashion and design.

“Corfu is an endless source of inspiration anywhere you lay your eyes on. A cluster of cultures and traits of different eras that the island graciously absorbed and turned into its unique identity that absolutely deserves to be known”.


Organic materials, exceptional quality and impeccable craftsmanship are key aspects of the Koryfo identity. Premium materials are a key aspect to Koryfo creations ; organic linen, cotton and raw silk are carefully selected while always keeping ethics and sustainability at the forefront.

Our raw and twill silk material is from Soufli, a town in the northern part of Greece with a long history in silk production and the sericulture industry since the 19th century. Our pride and joy, our signature Kumquat candle is gently poured by the amazing Choe Candles. Finally, another local wood master handcrafts all Koryfo buttons out of olive wood.

We are committed to sourcing local artists and craftsmen with a deep understanding of Greek and Corfiot artistry that roots back into history. Marianna’s high attention to detail alongside our selected artists, gives way to unique, flawless creations worth investing in.