Koryfo Concept

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KAMARA SANDALS – Natural & Black *available in shop only

Koryfo leather and silk sandals combine the timelessness of fine silk fabric and contemporary design. Possibly the most iconic landmark of the Old Town of Corfu is Liston ; the impressive architecture and the signature arches, the design and pattern of which is inspired by the French Rue de Rivoli. Our Kamara collection draws inspiration from the vaults of Liston – a patterned print designed on raw silk, cotton and linen. Koryfo Kamara silk sandals narrate a tale of a mythical island rich in history, culture and sophistication.

Real leather, hand-made in Corfu. The exceptional raw materials are a true expression of the Koryfo heritage and impeccable quality.  

  • 100% premium silk twill
  • Real leather
  • Gift packaging 
  • Limited pieces 
  • Made in Greece